Pay for Individuals

GAJ Pay is a mobile payment service that lets you pay in and/or receive cryptocurrency anywhere, anytime for free. It enables customers to checkout and pay in crypto, with incentives such as cashbacks. GAJ Pay also enables people to purchase multiple companies' gift cards directly using cryptocurrency on the platform. Global Bill Pay system is a highly sophisticated solution to pay bills such as utility bills, phone bills, etc. It pays the bills automatically as well as manually using cryptocurrency in the account in over 20 countries to begin with and later shall be expanded to several more.

GAJ Pay is also a powerful tool to pay your friends and family in times of need. A straight forward and direct payment system to any GAJ user in the world instantly with minimal fees. Local transfers are always free and instant, whereas international ones take some time and costs a bit to keep the system up and running smoothly.

Pay for Businesses

GAJ Pay is one great tool for merchants to receive crypto as an additional payment option for their services and products both online and offline. GAJ Pay includes a Point of Sale software integrated with the GAJ Platform to enable merchants to accept crypto payment, which directly goes to their GAJ accounts. All transactions cost nothing to the merchants.

GAJ Payment Gateway is an online gateway with integration to pay in both fiat and crypto. The merchants using this can give their clients the extra layer of security and surety of third party payment handling and multitude of payment options from anywhere in the world. This service is directed towards both online and brick and mortar businesses across the globe.


The GAJ Advantage

A payment system beyond any traditional systems out there. GAJ Pay enable you to use multiple countries' payment solutions, all at one place.

Cost Effective

GAJ Pay is one of the most cost effective payment applications available, with fees as low as zero for Premier clients.

Incentives for all

Using GAJ Pay benefits both the merchants and the customers since both get rewarded by doing transactions.

Global Bill Pay System

Global bill pay system to pay on a wide range of websites and shops globally, with lower fees of even zero, depending on account types.

Reliable & Easy Integration

Fast and free setup and integration for merchants across the globe for both online & offline gateways, they just pay for the hardware and never for the payment system.