GAJ Savings Accounts

We’ve taken the complexity and anxiety out of owning and earning from crypto. We provide multi-currency personal accounts in your name with unique physical IBANs, with real-time integration to both local and international payments from across the globe.

GAJ Saving accounts offer a variety of options for saving money, such as recurring transfers to the Saving account are useful for regular savings; Spare change round-ups allow users to save without thinking about it and when a user enables the round-up feature, we will automatically round up any transaction you make with your GAJ card to the nearest whole number and place it in the customers savings account.

GAJ Business Accounts

GAJ Business Accounts comes with dedicated IBANs for companies in the digital asset economy, including cryptocurrency exchanges and funds, in up to 10 currencies. We offer a uniquely high-touch service, providing clients direct communications to a team of operators, traders, technology and account management.

GAJ Business Accounts allow businesses to load fiat currency and cryptocurrencies for payments, operations and trading purposes. Our platform supports major world currencies including GBP, EUR, USD and we have all the major payment networks covered including UK FPS/CHAPS/BACS, Euro SEPA, International SWIFT and US ABA. We also support wallets and custody for major cryptocurrencies, stable coins and other digital assets alongside fiat currency accounts.


The GAJ Advantage

Because we are an internationally regulated institution, we're held to the highest possible standards. From business processes to our people, everything is top notch.

Savings & Interest

Multi-currency & Multi-cryptocurrency accounts- Easily buy and sell crypto using the same account that you use to manage your money. Transfer money, and pay your bills - all in a convenient place. One can save and earn interest on their crypto assets portfolio with best in-class benefits and up to 10% annual interest rates.

Uncomplicated and Secure

Crypto wallets and exchanges often require complicated setup, increasing the risk of accidentally losing access to your account. GAJ DAO acts as the custodian of your cryptocurrency ensuring you have reliable and secure access.

Cheap Cross-Border Payments

One of the fastest cross-border payment solution with least hassles and lowest fees. Zero fees applicable for higher transactional volumes.

Secondary Market Yield

There is huge demand within the crypto market for short term fiat borrowing. This demand presents an opportunity for market participants to earn a yield from fiat far greater than in traditional markets.